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Name:Tony Stark
Birthdate:May 1
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Anthony Edward Stark has just turned twenty-one, and, as such, has just finalized his takeover of his family's company, Stark Industries, from its guardian, Obediah Stane. After his parents' death in a car crash when he was ten, Obediah had become Tony's de facto guardian, helping shape the scared, lost boy into the confident, self-assured young man he is today. He spent most of his childhood with Janet van Dyne and Justin Hammer, the three children going to school together by day and then painting the town by night. Graduating MIT summa cum laude at seventeen, Tony went immediately out West to Stanford for a Master's in robotics, dabbling around a bit in mechanical engineering and theoretical physics on the side just for fun. He bounced around from school to school during his Doctorate studies, moving from New Mexico to New York and anywhere in between, finally graduating from MIT once again with a PhD in calculus and robotics this past Christmas. He's a shameless womanizer (and man-anizer), cocky and brilliant and not afraid to let everyone know, willing to drop thousands of dollars on a bottle of alcohol to impress a pretty lady so they can stumble home drunk and do it all again the next day. He knows this kind of self-destructive behavior can't last, but he's going to enjoy the hell out of it until he can't any longer.


college-age au.
(pb: matt dallas. this journal is for rp purposes, no infringement intended. ♥)
mun and muse both over 18.
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